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What is the color gamut of Inkom Eco ink compared to that of OEM ink?

The  color  gamut of Inkom ECO ink  is almost identical to the gamut of  the OEM  ink . Because of  the close match to the OEM colors ,  there is NO NEED TO PROFILE.

What is the durability which Inkom can guarantee for Mild solvent?

Inkom guarantees at  least  2 years outdoor durability  without  lamination at zone 1. This durability matches the guarantee provided by other OEM ink providers.

How do I guarantee that my Warranty is in place?

The end user is asked to submit a nozzle test print ( prior to putting in the Inkom inks )  to Inkom that will establish the condition of the printer. Please indicate the printer model version on the print.

I have tried other third party inks , but  was  not  satisfied  with  their performance . What has been the market acceptance of Inkom Eco ink?

Inkom  ECO  has  been  sold  in  the  world  marketplace  since 2007 .  It  is an ECO-solvent  ink  fully compatible with OEM ink. Our ink continues to deliver superior performance resulting in consumers stating that INKOM is as good as or better than the OEM ink!

Can you tell me what is the difference in price between Inkom ink solutions and OEM inks?

Inkom is more cost effective than original inks since besides receiving a top quality product, the selling price could even reach 50% off the cost of the original ink, depending of the ink type and your printer

 How can I confirm what kind of curable ink I should buy?
A: Check if all the following 3 points match:
(1) What is the brand and model for printer and print head?
(2). What material would you want to print on?
Or just tell us, we check for you.

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