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UV metal ink without primer
*High color density and wide color gamut.
* Finest particle size of pigment and narrow distribution to guarantee the stability of ink.
*High stability of inks to prolong the shelf life of products
* High opacity of white ink, absolutely no yellowing with time
  a1 second after curing a2 second after curing a3 second after curing
  b Value ΔW-CIE b value ΔW-CIE  b value ΔW-CIE
 White ink from Inkom 1.19 0.22 1.24 0.24 1.22 0.23
 Other inks supplier 1.41 0.44 2.16 0.66 3.14 11.41

*Minimized printer maintenance. Good condition of print head after long time standby.
*High abrasion resistance.
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